To all expats who think Indonesia is ‘that bad’…

Courtesy of Mr.Jayadevan I have been working with many expatriates for the last few years. Most of them are working and living in Jakarta and some of them have managed to travel around Indonesia…


It comes to my attention that most of them have one general comment about Indonesia, especially Jakarta i.e. it is not as bad as what they’ve been told before J

Outside Indonesia, news about Indonesia and / or Jakarta tends to be negative or even very negative. Before they came to Jakarta,  they thought Jakarta is the scariest place in the world with many terrorists walking around the city looking for a chance to blow bomb in front of you… they thought Jakarta is the most un-safe place to live in with criminals are waiting for a chance to rob and kill you…that kind of images are embedded into their mind which usually prevent them to enter our country.


Then guess what… for some of them who successfully dare themselves for accepting this challenging journey, they found Jakarta and places around Indonesia are not that bad. Talking about criminals, it is not worse than what are happening in USA, China, India, Nigeria, and other places. Talking about terrorist and bombing, well you can see now that bomb or terrorist attacks can be happening everywhere. Have you been to Iraq? Have you been to Tokyo? Have you been to London? Have you been to USA? Terrorist attacks may happen everywhere….


This shifting of paradigm is growing day by day amongst my expatriate friends and their families…Add with the experience of staying in a house with large backyard and gardens (sometimes with pools), the experience of having three maids and a driver with only USD 220 per month (they now able to call them : ‘pembantu’ and ‘supir’), very low living cost in which by USD 1000 to 1500 per month (excluding accommodation which usually pays by the company) you will enjoy high quality living standard in Jakarta, plus existence of various entertainment centre and malls around Jakarta where some of them are equal if not in better quality than same spots in bigger cities around the world.  


Well, some of them may complaint about traffic jam in Jakarta..but with a driver and nice luxurious car, no much to worry .. J  Flood?? Well, I don’t think it will affect expatriate that much, except more trouble to travel around the city especially to/from the airport..


Those items are solid ingredient which eventually creates this phenomena : ‘ Expatriates are reluctant to move to Jakarta, but once they are here, they are reluctant to leave this city…’  Don’t you believe me ? Well, you can ask some of my expatriate friends who have been here for more than 10 years…and as of today, still with no intention to leave this city …


Some of them who’ve managed to travel around Indonesia found more solid justification to stay longer. That is the beauty of places around Indonesia and unique cultural diversity that they’ve never seen in their hometown. Their favorite places are Bandung, Puncak, Bali, Lombok and North Sumatra (Lake Toba, Samosir Island, Sipiso-piso fall, Berastagi, Gundaling, Haranggaol, etc..).


Just few months ago, one expatriate lady in my office brought her family and friends to visit North Sumatera.They spent around one week up there…they enjoyed the trip very much so that they’ve decided to come back again in the next few months and stay longer.

Her story attracted my other friend, Jayadevan to go visit North Sumatera especially Lake Toba. Unfortunately, Jayadevan and his family only had four days to spend but he enjoyed the trip and managed to take some beautiful pictures. He also plans to come again in the next few months, to stay longer especially in Samosir Island. By looking at some of the pictures taken by him, you will understand why he wants to come again and again…


It is unfortunate that tourism industry in Indonesia has not been well explored and professionally managed by responsible authority… L  If not, we can be a rich country just by exploring this potential…


So, do you all expatriates and foreigners still think coming to Indonesia is not a good idea? Well, think again my friend J


3 responses to “To all expats who think Indonesia is ‘that bad’…

  1. hahahaha.. situs-nya visit indonesia year itu menelan biaya 17M looooh.. *ironic*

    saya cinta kok negara ini, sayang nya negara ini ga punya cinta buat warganya,… 😦

  2. Itu dia Mbak Chic..padahal kalo dari jauh2 hari petinggi2 di Dinas Pariwisata mau bekerja sama dengan semua blogger, bisa aja khan minta bantuan setiap blogger untuk at least bikin satu article tentang indahnya Indonesia dan kenapa orang harus berkunjung ke sini 🙂

    Daripada keluar 17M, saya yakin pendekatan via blogger bisa lebih efektif. Cukup ditraktir makan juga udah puas kayaknya :-)…

  3. Di Kampungku Mas Indonesia Itu Damai…Indah..Sejuk…Lihat aja di Goat Etawa From Kaligesing Lewat Google.

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