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Chelsea FC 2007/2008, the ‘Supreme Looser’ and their ‘futuristic’ official web..

[What an ironic but futuristic front page that Chelsea has in their official web where these two players last night  made a real headline to help them becoming a ‘Supreme Looser’]..

It seems that ‘champion attitude’ is fading away from Chelsea since Avram Grant took the lead. Last night, the misery was completed by a defeat in UEFA Champions League from the same team who has beaten them in the race for English Premier League Championship. For me, being a runner up behind the same opponent in two subsequent championships is not acceptable. Who is the greatest looser than the runner up ? Hence, by becoming runner up twice in a row, I sadly say that they are ‘the Supreme Looser’. Baca lebih lanjut

To all expats who think Indonesia is ‘that bad’…

Courtesy of Mr.Jayadevan I have been working with many expatriates for the last few years. Most of them are working and living in Jakarta and some of them have managed to travel around Indonesia…


It comes to my attention that most of them have one general comment about Indonesia, especially Jakarta i.e. it is not as bad as what they’ve been told before J

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